Film fest reflection

In this post I’m going to review my personal favourite of the grade 6 film fest entries. Which is Happiness!

The main reason I like this film is because of the overall message that it gives you as well as the choice of music. During the film fest this popped up three or four times throughout the competition and every time I found my self really enjoying the music! I also think that the costumes were good in the film as well as the places they choose to shoot at. The next part I like is a bit weird witch is the final shot in the film, I can’t really explain why I like it I just do.

Overall I give the film Happiness a 4.5/5 stars!



img_2533 img_2535

These are two pictures of my shadow at different times of the day. This happens because as the Earth rotates are angle from the sun changes. So the shade created by our bodies are at different angles.


In the screen shots you can see that my population is 11504 and my popularity is 71. I assume that this means that I’m going at least decently. I have had a couple of times when I have had negative feedback but most of the time it’s positive. These are the screen shots I took.

image image image

Olympian party reflection

I think the idea of taking the class for a game of basketball was good. I also liked that each team got to games. My games were very tiring because my team (team 4) had both their games in a row. In all team 1 came first, team 2 came second, team 4 came third and team three came fourth.